Steps - Garden Features in Corsham, Wiltshire

Beautiful Dry Stone Walling, Steps, and Garden Features

Enjoy the classic beauty of stonework built to traditional standards. Ring Philip Netherwood Building of Corsham, Wiltshire, for dry stone walling and garden features.

Flexible to Meet Your Needs

As well as building fantastic walls and features, we provide the inspiration for your garden too, taking your dreams and turning them into reality. We are happy to work directly with clients – we've also been brought on-board by garden designers or landscape architects to work on their ongoing projects.

Philip Netherwood Building’s past projects feature categories such as:

Flexible to Meet Your Needs

  • Ornamental dry stone features

  • Retaining walls and terraces

  • Raised dry stone beds for gardens

  • Free-standing dry stone walls

Stone Wall - Stone Walling

What is Dry Stone?

Dry stone walls require no binding material, such as cement or mortar, to hold them together. Their strength and versatility comes through the correct selection and placement of stones.

They offer superior drainage compared to either brick or mortared walls, especially when they are used as retaining walls or for raised beds. As well as being an eco-friendly building material, a well-built wall requires minimum maintenance and should last for decades to come.

The materials are extremely versatile and strong, so the only real limitations on what can be built are the imaginations of the designers! That's where Philip Netherwood Building come in!

Sources of Stone

We typically use Bath and Cotswold Stone from the local area; however, the UK is blessed with an incredibly varied geology. The variety of stone available allows for many different types of building material, including:

Sources of Stone

  • Chunky granite

  • Rough dolerite

  • Regular sandstone

  • Thin-layered Caithness slabs

Enjoy Expert Advice

Each type of stone offers different combinations of look, feeling, colour, and texture. Additionally, stone that is freshly quarried looks different to that which has been reclaimed. Speak to Philip Netherwood Building about your options, as you should consider the likely visual impact of the completed wall.

Contact Philip Netherwood Building for beautiful stone walling and bespoke garden features that add timeless elegance to any home.